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PRODUCT RELEASE: Cortec® Releases New Oil Additive to Prevent Rust in Gearboxes

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Cortec® is pleased to introduce M-535 HV, a high viscosity version of its corrosion inhibitor additive for ashless lubricating systems. Prior to this development, asset owners were limited to using M- 535 for protection of low viscosity lubrication systems. Now, M-535 HV gives preservation managers the option of applying the same corrosion inhibitor package to an even broader range of critical equipment.

Importance of Rust Prevention During Layup

Layup is a risky time for gearboxes, turbines, compressors, and other equipment with lubricating systems. Without normal operating frequency, equipment is more vulnerable to internal rust formation. Trapped moisture has ample time to condense on metal surfaces and eat away at the system via corrosion, leading to a variety of problems when the equipment starts back up. Worst of all, these complications can include equipment failure and shortened service life, which only add to company losses.

Benefits of Rust Preventative Oil Additives

Adding a corrosion inhibiting oil additive during layup can go a long way toward protecting the metal parts of a lubricating system. Standard M-535 is one such additive designed for use in ashless applications that use petroleum and synthetic lubricants such as naphthenic, paraffinic, and PAO. It protects in both the contact and vapor phase, meaning corrosion inhibitors are active on surfaces in direct contact with the treated oil and diffuse throughout the head space above the oil, where condensation can especially be a problem. This multiphase action allows M-535 to be applied either as an oil additive or fogged into a system that has been drained. M-535 protects at a low dose for greater economy. Another advantage is that it can sometimes be left in the system for intermittent operation during the layup period.

Different Viscosities for Different Applications

M-535 has a base oil viscosity of ISO 46, making it suitable for low viscosity systems such as turbines and compressors. With M-535 HV, the chemistry is identical, but the base oil viscosity is higher, bringing M-535 HV to ISO 320 for compatibility with high viscosity lubricant systems such as those in gearboxes. Since gearboxes are found everywhere in the industrial environment, preservation specialists have many opportunities to use a high viscosity rust preventative additive for temporary shutdown or layup of power plants, offshore platforms, paper manufacturing plants, or industrial facilities.

Extending Protection to High Viscosity Ashless Systems

M-535 HV opens up new possibilities for corrosion protection of ashless oil systems. Rust prevention can make a critical difference to the success of any industrial layup plan, and M-535 HV makes sure that protection extends to high viscosity ashless lubricating oil systems. Contact Cortec® to learn more about how to prevent rust in gearboxes and other high viscosity lubricant systems:

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