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Solutions to Corrosion for Oils and Greases Applications

Cortec® lubricants include Greases, Oils & Additives, and Metalworking Fuids and other Lubricants to help you protect metal-to-metal contact areas from friction and corrosion. Many are excellent options for use in harsh industrial or offshore environments. Before selecting a lubricant, be sure to ask yourself these questions to help narrow down your target options:

  • Do I need grease, oil, cutting fluid, a general-purpose product, or an additive for my own oil?
  • Do I require lubrication/corrosion protection during operation, layup, or intermittent use?
  • Will parts be exposed to extreme/harsh conditions?
  • Do I need a biobased, biodegradable product?
  • If using grease, what NLGI grade do I need?
  • Are there special requirements for indirect food contact?


If you need greases . . .

If you need to pack a bearing with grease or re-lube the many grease fittings on your equipment, Cortec® greases offer exciting options, whether for enhanced corrosion protection, or for a wide variety of sustainable products with low environmental impact. For example our line of EcoLine® biobased greases covers practically any industry where lubrication is needed, from fifth wheels to food machinery, from rail curves to drill rods and wire ropes—not to mention our basic heavy-duty grease for general extreme pressure applications!

If you need oils or additives . . .

We offer a range of oil additives that can be used for added corrosion protection in a variety of conventional, synthetic, PAO, and mineral-oil-based lubricants. These are ideal for layup applications where equipment will be sitting idle for long periods and needs to be protected in the interim.

If you need general purpose lubricants/rust preventatives . . .

A variety of other products are designed for general purpose lubrication and/or rust prevention. Find products to loosen parts locked in place by rust, biobased lubricant/penetrant options for general purpose use, and corrosion protection for layup of moving parts in harsh conditions.

If you need metalworking fluids . . .

A variety of Cortec® lubricants are designed for metalworking operations such as machining, wet tempering, light-duty cutting, milling, drilling, turning, and other machining operations. All are produced with corrosion protection in mind.

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