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Oils and Additives


M-531 is an oil-based package of corrosion inhibitors for petroleum and synthetic lubricants.

  • Outstanding vapor and contact corrosion protection.
  • Excellent demulsibility.
  • Effective in a variety of conventional and synthetic base stocks.

M-531 T

M-531 T is an oil-based package of ashless corrosion inhibitors that can be added to petroleum and synthetic lubricants in turbine systems during layup.

  • Designed for use with turbine oils.
  • Contact and vapor-phase corrosion protection.
  • Generally compatible with PAO and mineral-oil-based lubricants.

CorrLube Industrial Gear Oil

A premium quality gear oil with viscosity grade ISO 220 based on a unique blend of PAO (polyalphaolefins) and polymer esters.

  • Excellent thermo-oxidative stability (longer service life).
  • Neutral seal behavior.
  • Superior viscosity characteristics at low temperatures.
  • Superior load carrying capability.


Oil-based rust preventative concentrate for mineral-oil-based lubricating or hydraulic oils.

  • Provides multi-metal protection especially on zinc, aluminum, magnesium, and yellow metals.
  • Filters through a 5 micron filter.
  • High temperature resistance.


Oil-based rust preventative concentrate for mineral-oil-based lubricating or hydraulic oils with excellent vapor-phase protection.

  • Excellent vapor-phase protection.
  • Excellent indoor protection.
  • Low viscosity.


A naphthenic-oil-based vapor-phase corrosion inhibiting concentrate for use with lubricating and hydraulic oils.

  • Excellent protection in outdoor sheltered conditions in coastal environments.
  • Effective on multi-metals.
  • Available as ready-to-use rust preventative (VpCI®-329 D).

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