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EcoLine® ELP

A high-performance biodegradable soy-based lubricant and penetrant for general purpose use.

  • Contains 95% USDA certified biobased content.
  • Readily biodegradable.
  • Non-flammable.
  • Excellent extreme pressure and anti-wear properties.
  • Water-based.


VpCI® Super Penetrant

A deep penetrating formulation that loosens frozen parts locked in rust.

  • Displaces moisture and water.
  • Superior surface wetting and moisture displacing properties.
  • Universal corrosion protection for ferrous metals, galvanized steel, aluminum, brass, copper, babbitt, zinc, cadmium, and silver.


EcoLine® CLP

A “green,” canola-oil-based version of a multifunctional penetrant/lubricant designed for indoor and outdoor use.

  • Contains 89% USDA certified biobased content.
  • Cleans and lubricates.
  • Loosens seized and rusty parts.
  • Reduces friction and wear.


EcoLine® 3690

A biobased ready-to-use temporary coating designed for severe marine and high humidity conditions.

  • Contains 72% USDA certified biobased content.
  • Extreme corrosion protection.
  • Multi-metal application.
  • Leaves behind a light, oily film.
  • Canola-oil based.


CorShield® VpCI®-369 Open Atmosphere Removable Coating

CorShield® VpCI®-369 is an oil-based temporary coating that provides extreme corrosion protection in aggressive environments and is one of our most-popular wet film corrosion inhibitors and lubricants.

  • Great for layup of moving parts.
  • Dual lubrication/rust prevention.
  • VpCI®-369M version conforms to MIL-PRF-16173E (Grade 2).


VpCI®-340 CLP

A cleaner/lubricant/protectant for a wide array of commercial and industrial applications, especially firearm maintenance and storage.

  • Excellent water-displacing characteristics.
  • Loosens organic and inorganic residue.
  • Forms superior lubricating/protective film.


CorrLube™ Food Grade Penetrant

Light penetrating oil that penetrates quickly to free rusted or seized parts. Also serves as an excellent anti-corrosion film on equipment during idle periods.

  • Registered as an NSF H1 148798 lubricant for incidental contact with food.
  • Lubricates moving parts.
  • Loosens rusted parts.


CorrLube Hydraulic Fluid

A fully formulated anti-wear fluid for use in high-pressure industrial, marine, construction, and mobile hydraulic systems.

  • Can also be used in turbines and circulating oil systems.
  • Good for high humidity conditions.
  • Contains Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors for superior rust and corrosion protection.

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